What's Next in Necklace Cameras

Can you imagine wearing a camera on a necklace? As hard as this might be to imagine today, the mobile cameras of tomorrow might be sufficiently small and attractive that wearing one on a necklace could become as commonplace as carrying a cell phone has become today. We are seeing the beginning of a trend toward designing cell phones that are sleek, colorful and attractive as well as functional. This trend is likely to progress into an era of "wearable electronics" in which devices look more like jewelry than clunky, electronic gadgets. For the past five years nearly all new cell phones have increased in market size. Mobile phones with built in digital cameras and many PDA phones have become hot, many will enable to connect to the internet. Carriers offer smaller many new phones whose functionality has improved significantly.

Nowadays, from around 100 million to approximately a billion worldwide many cellphone customers use the next generations of mobile phones to stay in touch with friends, relatives, and others, exchange text messages, get sports and weather, wirelessly connect to a web site using voice over WiFi, enjoy CDs, watch DVD movies, see simple games with microdisplays, and more. Experts hypothesize convenient, more sleek CDMA based digital system convergent communication devices. Some will accommodate Bluetooth wireless technology keyboard, keys, headset, and large, clear bright screens. They also expect more options for a memory card slot and a portable charging adapter for your digital cellphone.

In the next couple years, providers will further increase features including computer connectivity, bio security access, plug and play technology, and holographic technology. Your choices among services to select a flip phone and a service plan will increase. There will be more ways to select a traditional plan to maintain connections with friends and business colleagues and browse the new network.

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